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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth
Post Content
The truth can only come from the Father, by asking Him alone to teach you. He can make your path straight. Go to Him NOW before it is too late.

Everything else...Trust No One.
 Quoting: Newheart

In events to come into your life soon see them as lessons fo humble you so ye may know ye were decieved. For God will not abide with you and you will fall if do not repent, but ye may be given opportunity to learn, pray that ye are worthy to see the things I have prophecy come to be and let then ye forsake all lies ye have spoken and accepted into your cup.

Ye take titles not yours to take and speak in authoritys not yours to have, this is to break the law of moses given for benefit of man "thou shall not beare false witness" repent of the offenses and forsake the cup of poison ye drink from, for surely I saith unto ye that every prophecy I have spoken will be fulfilled. Prophecy should not be viewed upon by the idea of time which is of man for God seeth beyond time, the events happen when it is determined to happen and none shall know when until it begins.

You by claiming to have looked into book of life is liken to the offense that lead to fall of Lucifer himself, for to claim such divine right when it is not yours to claim and to speak against the true Spirit of God is to bring by eternal law condemnation upon yourself.

I saith unto all repent time is short. The Sun shall turn on man soon.
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