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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle drhoecker
Post Content
Many seek to speak what they saith is the truth, they claim authority of divine and say they are this and that. There is a great responsibility and consequence to doing such things for it was written 'thou shall not beare false witness' this commandment was given for a purpose.

Those whom beare false witness making claims to know divine matters are at higher accountability than others, the consequence is much greater.

They have good reason to repent for I tell ye this that they shall not even be given a chance to see the Tribulation but shall fall at the beginning in day of shaking and war. Let it be known they shall go to Hell early and suffer for their deceptive tongues.

All whom speak on behalf of heavens and on me shall not be counted as mine sheep nor shall they find their name in book of life if they were not called to do so, ye may show others mine words and say thou opinion of it but ye may not claim it as truth and go about teaching.

I am the only true teacher all others are flawed, lest I call them as mine prophets and give them my WORD to speak through mine Spirit.

Let it be known the time is soon at hand this world will end and ending will not be pleasant Justice shall come and be poured without measure.

Let now all false prophets and christs on this forum repent and forsake the things they have done and admit their lies. For I tell you now only two people on this forum were given authority to speak on divine matters to man all others are bearing false witness.

Woe unto those whom beare false witness for surely they shall mourn as the prophets speak.
 Quoting: SonofGod 26530436

i have divine proof i was to speak on such matters and none have what i have save one other man and he draws what i see in real time.the rest are false.our combined works come from ancient hebrew text that actually draws a map in usa.
i have rno thing to repent of save being upset at you scoffers who never looked at mt proofs.oh speaking of proofs, by face i am known and the other man is drawing all i reveal,not to mention my Hopi connection
this video i made before even being totally aware.
and one note to the swelled headed ones here ,words and anger make not anyone ,works do.
where is your works?
what is coming is the biggest fighting man has ever seen.but why dont the others tell you that?
here is some of my comparative works,only a drop what i know and have now.
[link to youtu.be]
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