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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle Sungaze_At_Dawn
Post Content
So you believe that only those who quote from the bible or quote your posts/words, may speak without condemnation?

Oh but ET_MAN is also one of the two witnesses or whatever....????

So I presume he could be quoted too?

Just here in his supportive posts?

Or perhaps others could google that name and find a lot of other posts that do talk about intent of heart and even how to access your pineal?

And someone who has alot of similarities with him, and even alot of similar experiences, maybe he should also be allowed to speak.

[link to www.ufolou.com]

You can click on the eintstein and check out the tab with lou's name and his huge Q & A, or you could look for the links on the first page that give links to his compiled answers.

And you could even search for the name Sleeper on google and explore other threads.

Lots of Love and Light to you, hope your keeping well, J!
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