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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth
Post Content
So you believe that only those who quote from the bible or quote your posts/words, may speak without condemnation?

Oh but ET_MAN is also one of the two witnesses or whatever....????

So I presume he could be quoted too?

Just here in his supportive posts?

Or perhaps others could google that name and find a lot of other posts that do talk about intent of heart and even how to access your pineal?

And someone who has alot of similarities with him, and even alot of similar experiences, maybe he should also be allowed to speak.

[link to www.ufolou.com]

You can click on the eintstein and check out the tab with lou's name and his huge Q & A, or you could look for the links on the first page that give links to his compiled answers.

And you could even search for the name Sleeper on google and explore other threads.

Lots of Love and Light to you, hope your keeping well, J!
 Quoting: Sungaze_At_Dawn

Only I and ET_MAN have been given authority by the Heavens directly and can speak on such matters and are not effected by the eternal law, if I take time to warn someone to repent for things they have been thinking or saying it is because I have been shown what is going to happen to them if they do not, in this way it is prophecy for I will say what is coming upon them so they may know and if choose change it.

All other works I do not listen to for all but a few will know the truth for it is written that the deceptions would be so great that even the elect would be decieved. Even so some whom are numbered of the 24,000 are right now also being misled but I will fix things when time comes that it is appointed.

Sites such as ye have linked are part of the great deceptions as is all sources of newagerism spirituality 'love and light' it is a insult to the true love and light understanding for it is not done in proper way.

Many shall be disapointed whom saw themself as divine for the events to come upon them are opportuntiy to humble them, they will have sorrow mourning even pain if they endure well and repent they may still avoid the pit. Even the things unity says is misleding others she too must repent of her works, for anything that has not been said by the prophets or by Christ himself is a doctrine from Satan.

I have not come to unite the world which is evil but to bring a sword and divide the good from the evil, cometh the end there shall be a seperation the good on one side and evil on other. Whom so is worthy to stand in presence of the Light shall be counted as the Children of God adopted through the Son unto the Father. But whom so is not worthy to stand in presence of Light shall be counted as the Children of Devil adopted through the Son 'Antichrist' unto his Father.

Let the people choose their eternal placements, for some it is forever for others for a eternity. But by eternal law all must make payment whom have not repented before the day of harvest.

Because I in my grace have aloud people to converse directly with the Good Spirit which is Holy, the accountability is much greater it was not my intention people bring woes upon themself but some did not heed to warning and some are in such pride that even when the Spirit of Truth tells them they are listening to wrong spirits and are in error they do not repent or listen and then must be warned what will come upon them if do not change before that time.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth

Only since he began to work with me should he be quoted, that is when his true authority began and mine own.
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