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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle paul
Post Content

Were you the one known as "Truth be told" on here back in 2006?

Cuase you talk and sound like him and that bloke gave me a word that shook me to my core.

I printed it out and it was three pages long..and every bit of it was 100% spot on..about my past..my present(At the time)..and my future..what is taking place now...

12 times 12 millenium.

ARE you the same person?...cause IF you are..

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 18280704

If thou is speaking of this thread.

Thread: Ask the Lord: for a personal word of knowledge

Then it is not I nor was it from the Heavens, for know that no sign shall be given not even readings for they come from other means which is not of God. Heaven does not involve themself in personal lifes of human matters in way many think such as jobs in Mammon, understand in eyes of Heaven earth is bablyon the fallen kingdom of the beast the spirits trapped in flesh are those fallen in need of redemption before they fall further through door of death, death leadeth to hades that why it says so in revelations.

Now for a sad truth most whom have died fall into underworld of all ages, some spirits are so evil they can not last long even in flesh of this dimension, but because the earth is falling further now more evil spirits have incarnated than before therefore the prophecy which speaks of the time of great evil is soon to unfold. Has thou seen that their is children at age of 6 branding knifes and terrorizing in gangs even, such as they hold evil spirits.

The time of the fulfilling of the world has become liken to time of Noah shall soon be completed and same events which happened to Sodom will be part of events to occur in future.

Understand that Heaven focuses only on what is important which is universal matters this is first time that Heaven has directly addressed humanity in way I have done so on forum laterly.
 Quoting: Spiritoftruth

more words to copy and paste and save...now i have even more to read over :) ty
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