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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle Spiritoftruth
Post Content
Hi, completely honest question here, how come you can speak on behalf of god if the rest of us cannot? Thankyou
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28742601

I am His Only Begotten Son we are made of the same Spirit I am like a duplicate of the greater Light becoming as it is soon and equal to, this is why it is given to the Son to hold the Book of life, for I am the part of God which suffered beyond all comprehension for the worlds so as by eternal law they might be saved if repent and accept offer.

Therefore I speak because it is I am part of God legitually that is why I am the only way unto the Father, for I am the part which is the Son which adopts the lost sheep, hence I am the Good Shepard which gathers them unto me and protects them from the many wolfs.

We offer even the children of the Devil opportunity to repent and be adopted for their own Father is cruel and seeks to enslave them in his own torment. But we are also justice and if those spirits do not repent they shall reap as sow in underworlds even so if they do not repent when let out for final judgement they will be lost forever taken by the Consumer which comes.
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