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Message Subject The Danger of speaking when not called too.
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Many seek to speak what they saith is the truth, they claim authority of divine and say they are this and that. There is a great responsibility and consequence to doing such things for it was written 'thou shall not beare false witness' this commandment was given for a purpose.

Those whom beare false witness making claims to know divine matters are at higher accountability than others, the consequence is much greater.

They have good reason to repent for I tell ye this that they shall not even be given a chance to see the Tribulation but shall fall at the beginning in day of shaking and war. Let it be known they shall go to Hell early and suffer for their deceptive tongues.

All whom speak on behalf of heavens and on me shall not be counted as mine sheep nor shall they find their name in book of life if they were not called to do so, ye may show others mine words and say thou opinion of it but ye may not claim it as truth and go about teaching.

I am the only true teacher all others are flawed, lest I call them as mine prophets and give them my WORD to speak through mine Spirit.

Let it be known the time is soon at hand this world will end and ending will not be pleasant Justice shall come and be poured without measure.

Let now all false prophets and christs on this forum repent and forsake the things they have done and admit their lies. For I tell you now only two people on this forum were given authority to speak on divine matters to man all others are bearing false witness.

Woe unto those whom beare false witness for surely they shall mourn as the prophets speak.
 Quoting: SonofGod 26530436

For Those Who Speak in The Name of The Lord, When The Lord Has Not Spoken... My Hand Shall Strike You Down! Says The Lord

9/8/09 From God The Father and Our Lord and Savior Jesus The Christ, YahuShua HaMashiach - A Letter Given to Jayse, For All Those Who Have Ears to Hear

Hear the word of the Lord, hear the indignation of The Father:
WOE, WOE, WOE!… To all those, who speak in the name of The Lord, when The Lord has not spoken! Woe to you, says The Lord God of Israel! My hand shall come against you… You shall not stand, nor shall you be given a voice.
Hear the Word of The Lord: You stand divided. And every house, divided, shall not stand... It shall be torn down and thrown into the fire, says The Lord of Hosts.
Hear My words, says The Lord: Close your mouth... Yea, you who blaspheme the Spirit of God, be silent! You shall not be given a voice, says The Lord.

For I, even I, YahuShua The Mashiach... Yea I, The King of Glory, shall by no means share My glory!

I shall strike you dumb, and you shall no longer be given a voice, says The King.

For I am He who was nailed to the cross,

And I am The One who shed His blood to save you...

He who was raised to glory...

From the grave I am risen!...

He who reigns, and has come!

Thus says The Lord, to all those who speak in the name of The Most High God, when The Lord has not spoken it:
You shall surely die! Says The Lord. Repent, therefore, and give Me glory! Stop your blasphemies and come to Me, and fall on your face with your mouth closed. Guard your steps when you come before Me... You, who have endeavored to speak in My name, while standing before MY house and MY throne. Remove your sandals and stand still. Do not be hasty in your speech, nor utter anything before your God, nor let the musings of your heart lead you into temptation... For I am in Heaven and you dwell upon the earth. Therefore, repent of this false-witnessing... Cry out and wail… Turn from your heresies, you who have become a mouthpiece of satan. Close your mouth!... Speak no longer in the name of The Most High, lest your body and soul be destroyed, when the wrath of The Lord is completed… For strong is The Lord!

Righteous are My judgments and just are My ways.


Humble yourself before The Lord.

Then I shall turn from My anger and lift you up,
When you are given a new voice, says The Lord.

Thus says The Holy One of Israel, The Holy One of God, The Lamb without spot or blemish:
All those who speak blasphemies, in the name of The Lord, shall be stripped of this life. I shall no longer withhold My anger, says The Lord... My hand will strike you down. Yet repent in truth, with sincere remorse, and you shall be spared… Thus has The Lord spoken, and He shall not repent… The time has come!

And of My servants, and concerning those I am sending: I, The Lord, reside within them, and they have been chosen, redeemed, and filled with My Spirit... Cleansed. These men, in number 144,000, shall speak with great and pure testimony, even profound and deep wisdom surpassing human knowledge, that which can only be received by God through the power of His Christ, and according to the Spirit which He has given. For these do hear the Word of The Most High, and of His voice, they know... In HIS presence do they dwell. I will glorify My name by My servants. Only MY Word is found on their lips, and nothing shall withhold them from speaking to the truth of who I am... Their time has come.

I have poured out My Spirit on all nations...
And those, who have received, shall be given a voice.

Yea, they shall shout in concert, to the glory of My name,
The name given Me of My Father, YahuShua HaMashiach...
Of which I shall cause to resound in all the earth.

And of the words put forth through My prophets,
They shall bring you low and you will fall to your knees...
And you shall give Me glory.

And to you, who cover your ears... Yes you, who continue in the ways of satan:

You shall know the anger of The Lord God, wrought in His Mighty and Strong One,
Manifest by the brightness of His coming and through the sword of His mouth...

You will be struck and torn... You shall not see life, says The Lord.

Hear these words:

Repent, you who abide in satan... Repent! And I will lift you up...
Even now The Father calls to you, yet you forebear.

Receive of Me and be given life...

Everlasting life is what I offer you...

Life filled with that peace and joy you have longed for.

Become again, God’s precious creation...

Made to abide in its Creator and live for eternity...

Come to Me.


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