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The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 19721479
United States
11/25/2012 03:02 AM
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The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right
The De-Evolutionary Nature of Might is Right
The doctrine Might is Right – variously expressed in texts and writings such as those by the pseudonymous Ragnar Redbeard, by Nietzsche [1], and by proponents of what is known as social Darwinism – is the doctrine, the philosophy (or more correctly, the instinct, the raison d’être) of the cowardly bully for whom instinct, mere brute physical strength, or superior weaponry, or superior numbers, command respect and enable them to intimidate and bully others and so get their own way.

This doctrine – though unacknowledged – is also the raison d’être of the governments of many if not most modern nation-States, such as Amerika, where military might, or sanctions or bribery, are used as a means of making, and enforcing, policy and ensuring the well-being, prosperity, and security, of such entities.

Why the doctrine of the bully? Because those individuals who adhere to this doctrine, consciously or otherwise, lack both manners and culture (that is, they lack refinement, good breeding, and self-control) and as a modern archetype they represent nothing so much as brutish talking animals who walk upright and who possess a very high opinion of themselves; and an opinion that is more delusion than reality. Perhaps most importantly, such individuals do not possess that instinct for disliking rottenness that is the mark of the evolved, the aristocratic, the cultured, human being. Thus are they akin to uncultured barbarians.

[link to onanxs.wordpress.com]