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do the people of glp truly believe aliens are here?

Anonymous Coward (OP)
User ID: 28298178
United States
11/25/2012 07:22 AM
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Re: do the people of glp truly believe aliens are here?
When i look at mother Earth, at the nature, what a variety of beings it has created, then i know, that i dont know shit.

Humans need help.

If there is the ones out there that want to enslave us, so there is the ones out there that will help us.

Nature is balance, but there is something else, what does not belong to this planet and that us, the humans.
We work slightly different then everything else on this planet.
That is, because we dont have our origins here, only a part of us has.

Extradimensional beings ?
Our brains havnt been able, to understand such a thinking a hundred years ago, how can we expect to understand now, after some lousy dozend years of a innocent human life ?
I am 45 and im a baby.

Human will not reach their initial age of 1k years ever again if we dont clean da house.
Our air is terrible so is our food and sperms, a lot of junk humans came up over the last 50 years, we get even more stupid.

We are manipulable, Internet is a great tool therefor. Show a human a picture and he belives in it ... until he learns about montages .. human still develop, we are young as race.
Can we call them human too, that lived here 500mil years ago ?

No idea, Sir.
My eyes can see aliens born on Earth but they are not humaniod, they are bugs, rats and elephants.
The extradimensional beings we are seeing for years may work also completely different.

In the past, i noticed serveral comments, that there should be far more then 100 known offearth-races, ya, aliums ^^

My eyes havnt seen something like that in the past.
But i see, how some of you dont go to school, dont have a job and dont look for a life, instead some of you wasting their potencial, the ability to create.

Become a creator already.
Try to create a world around yourself that fits your requirements to be lucky.

Whatever has created you and me, MAKE IT PROUD !
 Quoting: Rawfox

excuse me, but what does concerning yourself in other peoples lives do for you?

no one ever asked for any advice good sir

but... i see what you're saying, humans need help because as soon as someone in this world holds a position of power, they become corrupt and immoral.

while our knowledge might be small, the fact that we have a consciousness should be enough evidence that we are very intelligent, while also being stupid at the same time, if that makes sense...

i'm curious to what you mean by 'clean the house'.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 1106916
United States
11/25/2012 07:29 AM
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Re: do the people of glp truly believe aliens are here?
I believe they are real OP, and that they are here, just not exposed completely yet.

But, they are not our friends. They are our enemies.
 Quoting: Lisa*Lisa

why do you believe they are our enemies?

i could definitely understand that but why?
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28298178

A few years ago I was wondering if any of them were good, and I prayed about it. The Lord spoke to me and told me the truth about them.

After that, i did alot of research on them and have found many accounts of abductions that were stopped when using the name Jesus Christ, they run from that name.

Way too much info to list here, it would take hours.

But here is some info Thread: Unholy Communion: The Spiritual Nature of Abduction Reports

Thread: Jesus Showed Me UFOs & Deception

Thread: Bible Reveals UFO's and Their Wickedness

Thread: Satan's Horns, The Spaceships, The Beast