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A Path of the Earth and Transition to a New Level

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28366460
11/25/2012 05:42 AM
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A Path of the Earth and Transition to a New Level
I can see that the Earth is moving to a new level and track. This transition period will last about a week (4-6 days). At that time humanity fights for survival, because there is no electricity, and everywhere is cold. Be ready for this future event today, because that time is very near.


I can see that humanity has hurry to prepare for this event, both physically and mentally.


- food

- drinking and washing water

- blankets

- bags and bottles for urine

- kerosene stove

- paper towels, toilet papers

- gas fire

- radio and flashlight that works with batteries

- candles

- medicines you are taking

- First Aid supplies

- take into account the young, elderly, and this situation of the sick persons

- take into account the animals

I can see that when the climate changes and darkness begin quite suddenly, do not be afraid. Hurry into the place you have well-equipped.

Those that survive will see that the sun is shining again. They are happy for survival. Humanity begins to build life in this solar system, with other civilizations. Most advanced planets control the activities of mankind. I can see that day`s length will increase, and people have more time to rest and recreation.

[link to marenamattila.fi]