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Message Subject Ed Leedskalnin's Secret Anti-Gravity Technology
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I can't wait to hear the results of your experiment tomorrow!

I always wondered - Ed said he knew the secrets but would never tell. Yet he wrote that book. Is the book a riddle? Is it hints and suggestions? If he said he would never tell the secret then he wouldn't just write it down in the book would he? Does someone with a really good understanding of science see the book as a riddle or does it make sense? I read it years ago and just couldn't really wrap my head around it, didn't know how to use any of the information but it sounded like it had the ring of truth to it somehow. Also I never really understood why he would keep such a secret other than maybe just being bitter at the world because of how he'd been treated. Maybe he was hoping for the right amount of money as an offer to give it up and just ended up dying before that happened. Hell if we want to get conspiratorial, as it is GLP after all maybe his death wasn't so natural and someone wanted to make sure he didn't spill the beans.
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