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Message Subject Ed Leedskalnin's Secret Anti-Gravity Technology
Poster Handle abhie
Post Content
This is really interesting.
I forced myself to sit through the math
in the video....It was painful, as I have
a math Phob because of a wicked geometry
techer in high school who used to single
me out in class! lol! (I used to look at
the boy behind me in my compact mirror--
he was so cute...who could consentrate on
geometry with that fibonacci-perfection
face sitting there behind me? lol!)
I understand the basics, but I need to
understand more.
If the Masons KNOW about all of this...
why are we still stuck using fossil fuels?
I have a new thread up about 12-03-12....
would you care to comment?
Great peace to you for the coming
alignment (12-03-12) Be safe

 Quoting: SilentlyKnowing

Lol! Funny!
You know, you should write a book! Something on the lines of Catch-22, a humor book. Im sure you can write thrillers too, but you can keep your reader laughing a lot!!
Link to your thread please?

The Masons , I think are an ancient preisthood, who kept and gaurded the ancient secret knowledge. Which means we knew all the advanced stuff right from the time of pre-ancient-Egypt all the way till today. They probably know about inter-stellar portals, time travel etc etc.
They have quite a job maintining the planet in a backward mode all these centuries.
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