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Message Subject Ed Leedskalnin's Secret Anti-Gravity Technology
Poster Handle GodFrequency
Post Content
History is fascinatingly full of mysteries like the pyramids but it always astounded me that we had the answers to those mysteries right here practically in the present day and yet somehow Ed slipped through the world's fingers. How did he know? I have read his book on magnetism and yet do not have the scientific mind to be able to really understand the point of it. I think the answer is something that is incredibly simple, so simple that when someone occasionally stumbles into it they smack themselves in the head and say OF COURSE!
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28413686

 Quoting: abhie

frequency is the answer
The Bell resonance, harmonics, pitch, vibration, wave, molecular structure. It is the key that turns the lock, otherwise you have a dead motionless object without any power.

I use to ride around in a flat disk in the sky. It was a different time then. Lost knowledge I guess.

I guess the same could be said for todays knowledge. They even say the saturn five rockets that were built cannot be reconstructed today because of a loss of knowledge, or perhaps they never were built. Surprisingly it happens all the time. Just think of all the natural cures our ancestors had.

Society is very fragile I guess, and knowledge is most always taken for granted. Many can use an I-Phone, or a automobile, but very very few would be able to build one from scratch.

I do love stuff like this though, it stirs the imagination and the soul.
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