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Message Subject Ed Leedskalnin's Secret Anti-Gravity Technology
Poster Handle Isis One
Post Content
I'm just going to go out on a limb here and offer the possibility that the Masons have kept the knowledge secret until humanity has elevated its collective conscious out of the denser 3D duality paradigm. My own intuition says you can't send abundance to fear-based entities, as that will result in calamity of the highest order (think Atlantis). So the survivors of Atlantis realized the knowledge would have to be guarded until humanity was ready. Also, use the analogy of people who win the lottery, most of them are so broke and screwed up within 5 years its not even funny. One guy in an interview, said winning the lottery was like pouring miracle grow on his character flaws. Just my two cents.

Excellent thread OP, I saw that vid last week and posted it on Nin's thread. Five stars!!!
 Quoting: Isis One

I agree with your theory of delayed-controlled-enlightenment.
But why do they need to conduct periodic wars too?
The same people who delay our enlightenment also want us to kill and destroy, and also be fed with Flouride in our water, and not give us REAL healing medicine, and pump us up with toxic vaccinations??
Doesn't add up.

 Quoting: abhie

Yes, thats all VERY valid, IDK, maybe there is/was a society with a benevolent agenda overtaken by another society with a sinister agenda. The good news is, their efforts to suppress awakening are failing all over the place, you can't stop mother nature and evolution of consciousness will occur.
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