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Message Subject BREAKING: Obama signs new law to kick out all Zionist agents from congress, military and WH
Poster Handle All Pigs Must Die
Post Content
Hitler, Mao, and Stalin did the same thing. Kill all those in the govcrnment who oppose you then the rest are to scared to get out of line no matter how outlandish your power grab becomes.

Totally common for a fascist dictator.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1103915

Orkin man cambodian po pot dude wins again.

How do I know?

The noose around my neck is tight.

And Zheng Research Owns My Neck at Hershey Medical Center.

Nice Job there Luddite Mark Knaub, M.D.

Oh thank you russia. Babies? Russian Babies? Yeah, they should be real tasty barbi-Q.

NEC Aerospace? O is that necrophelia for Cisco.

Who let the asians in here. Not worth another wasted breath.

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