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Message Subject BREAKING: Obama signs new law to kick out all Zionist agents from congress, military and WH
Poster Handle oO
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2012 shift is here and doing its work.
Just think. for over 60 years the zio.... and neocon.. have robbed and desroyed this world to their advantage. Just as we are approaching Dec 2012, all tables are begining to turn and the false regime in Israel is falling.
This does not mean the nd of Israel or its people but just as Ahmadinejad said, "it will be the end of this regime" and "The regime that is ruling Israel will be eraised from the pages of history"
The shift is here and nothing can stop it. Interesting that the demise of Israel will be intiated in the very country they took over (USA) and not Iran.
I must praise the people of USA for finally leading the way to get rid of the parasite that is called zio....
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Nicely put +1

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