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Message Subject BREAKING: Obama signs new law to kick out all Zionist agents from congress, military and WH
Poster Handle Dr.DoomLittle
Post Content

There is something else interesting happening..
and it appears to be going according to a plan.

As Obama is viewed as abandoning the jews...
Putin is viewed as cozying up to them.

This year Putin dedicated a Russian-made memorial
near Tel Aviv to Red Army jews. The biggest hollowhoax
museum in the world was recently dedicated in Moscow.

So, it appears... Obama may be sending the jews into
Putin's arms... yes, I'm jealous ;-)... but I predict
the jews will not be in VVP's good graces very long.

At the present time while global public opinion is
more anti-jew than ever... wouldn't it be wonderful
if the US warships recently sent to Palestine... and
Russian warships sent to Gaza... unite to destroy the
criminal terrorist jew state ;-)

 Quoting: Atossa 18850150

Have to wonder why Putin would want them...
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