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Message Subject BREAKING: Obama signs new law to kick out all Zionist agents from congress, military and WH
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I would hardly call this a good thing. All he is doing is creating the grounds for another agency to guard against whistle blowers. He is further reducing transparency in government.
 Quoting: RelentlessDespot

^^^THIS!!^^^ ^^^THIS!!^^^ ^^^THIS!!^^^

* mitigate actions by employees
* unauthorized disclosure of classified information
* establish effective *insider* threat programs
* monitor employee use of classified networks
* insiders who misuse their access

For instance, let's say I work as a data analyst for the executive branch. I come across a file folder that has lots of information about BenGhazi, like meeting notes from the situation room that night, and video files of the actual attack, and a copy of the order to stand down signed by the President. My conscience tells me this needs to see the light of day and I am tempted to download some of the files to turn over to an investigative reporter. OOOPS! not so fast, the pResident has just made that really quite a lot harder. On purpose.
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