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Message Subject Northwest, N. Calif., Braces For More Rain and Snow!!!
Poster Handle Redpaw360
Post Content
I was doing research into harmonic attacks upon Shasta dam in northern California. With this weather and the documented harmonic anomalies in the weaverville area of California with harmonic tremors.

I feel they're trying to flood the central portion of California and wash the infrastructure away.

Many people have tried to claim Hoover dam is the great false flag, but Shasta dam is the target.
 Quoting: Redpaw360

Did you ever think that just maybe when certain areas are ommiting harmonic energy from the ground that maybe just maybe they attract the electrically charged storms that are in the area.

You people with your false flags bullshit are becoming very annoying. You should educate yourselfs with a little bit of an understanding of how the planet works and pull back and look at the big picture and currents and storm structures and the things that effect them like geomagnetic storms that we just had.

They aren't going to blow down a dam with weather or anything otherwise. I have listened to this false flag bullshit for ten years. Other than 911 there has been NOTHING EVER HAPPEN. EVER. Even 911 can't be proven as a false flag. Just a plain old terror attack which by the way Bin Laden took credit for it.

Mother nature is ultimately in Control whether you think so or not. She's getting more violent and the Oceans currents are out of whack. Currents effect weather. But thats too boring for this place.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28447986

Well, I've got the data that shows the Harmonic Anomalies at Shasta dam. The anomalies show the Shasta dam and weaverville lakes are under heavy harmonic disturbance for the last 7 months.

It could be mother nature bringing an event to Lassen / Shasta with an eruption, or a quake. The harmonics also show Vancouver Island in the PNW is getting ready for another event.

With all the harmonics and tremors at the dam, the extra capacity of the rainfall will have to increase based on studies of dams causing earthquakes. Science points that out as fact.
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