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Message Subject Northwest, N. Calif., Braces For More Rain and Snow!!!
Poster Handle Angel Helper
Post Content
hi glp,im in england and weve just had reall bad flooding in the northeast and also in wales,people died and it ONLY RAINED FOR 3 DAYS AND NIGHTS! You guys are gonna get 6 DAYS RAIN,im telling you now,dont underestimate steady rainfall over a few days,please take precautions now.the big problem weve got in the uk is that there used to be large flood plains that we not allowed to be built on around rivers,but in the 1940s the goverment decided that it was safe to build houses on the flood plains,now everytime it rains for a couple of days straight the houses built on the flood plains,
flood.so these guys properties are completly unsalable,no one will buy them,hell these folks are gonna find it impossible to get flood insurance.....wtf are they gonna do??? Anyway,was just wondering if you have the same problem in the usa??? if you live by a river or body of water in cali.....watch the hell out,after 6 days rain its gonna get read .
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28641579

Stay safe, friend.
How is the weather right now?
I think England is a wonderful place. Since I was a child I have felt a strange closeness to the UK.

I want to visit England so badly.....My daughter is about to graduate and is graduating with honors,she wants to go to England also....Ireland also. How do you like it there? Is it as "green" as everyone says?
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