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Message Subject Northwest, N. Calif., Braces For More Rain and Snow!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Yes, I remember that one. I recall driving up the hill above Auburn and saw the trees in the forest just splintered. God's way of trimming out all the old stuff .......LOL Pruning bigtime.

The storm today is not supposed to be the big impact one, that was said earlier to be the Friday one and perhaps Sunday as well. We will see???????

It is the cumulative effect that will tell how we put this one away and I hope it will disappoint the major doomers.
 Quoting: Mickeyblue 9806228

Really..we've had this before. Storms like this aren't uncommon for the area. The only difference I can see at the moment is..everybody's fussing about this one. The others went without comment.

I live in Rio Linda--one of the worst flood zones in the area. We've got candles for power outages that will inevitably show up; batteries for flashlights--extra water..for just in case; wood for the fire place; a full tank of gas in case we have to leave..and some for the generator. We'll get sand bags if we need them, but seriously..we've done this many many times in the past..and nobody cared.

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