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Message Subject Northwest, N. Calif., Braces For More Rain and Snow!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
WOW! The way the OP makes this sound I should be running for Sonora right about now...lol btw I live right in the middle of this so called disastrous rain DOOM!!! And yes it is raining and yes it looks like it will rain for the next four to five days here but this is normal for this time of year. NO DOOM!!! Here folks Trust me...

BTW to the poster who has family moving up here the only thing they should be concerned about is having a JOB when they get here as there is no WORK!!! anywhere in site up here. That is the real DOOM for this location not from some heavy rain.

 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28170526

This will be for 6 straight days! Tell me that in some days ok?
 Quoting: Luisport

Be happy to; I have lived here right in the middle between SF, and SAC for many many years and we get this every year just about...this is not anything out of the norm here..you are fear mongering for no reason.

Anyone who has lived here long enough will tell you because we live in a low valley between two mountain ranges the rain falls like this every year; it does not take some pineapple express DOOM guy to blow a normal thing out of proportion. bsflag bsflagbsflag here is 3 of them as you do not live here and are really full of yourself...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28170526

Luis is just trying to be helpful.

Second, we DON'T get storms like this "every year". In fact, need I remind you that we recently came off of a drought?

Please, let's not generalize here. We wait to see what happens and if what he posted gets people to be prepared, then that is a good thing.

The state's water agency has ALREADY called for a flood watch as a of today, so don't tell me this happens every year because they don't issue flood warnings, across the board, every year.
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