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Message Subject Northwest, N. Calif., Braces For More Rain and Snow!!!
Poster Handle Crazy Harriet
Post Content
You know you're in trouble when the CNN helicopter is recording the speedboats going down the highway within your sights - and if you had a medical emergency there would be no way to get out of your home, even if you could call for help.

Big storms in Cali frequently flood out roads in Northern California, especially in Marin and Sonoma, and in the Sacramento delta.

The idiots who are scorning these warnings are just idiots. Ignore them.

Although we rarely have losses of life, the property damage is horrendous, especially around west Sonoma where the old drain fields have been filled in and turned into quick-profit "developments". The old city, from the 19th century, Guerneville, now floods regularly from even minor storms. Sacramento is very fragile, as are low parts of San Rafael and Novato, which shouldn't have been built in the first place. My coworker once had ocean fish over a foot long swimming through her San Rafael living room. She was ruined financially afterwards when her home was condemned but a high mortgage (yes, as Sandy victims are learning, you still must pay even when the house is gone) and new rent were beyond her and her husbands' combined income ability to pay.

So hope all you guys in California paid attention and have lots of fresh potable water, first aid supplies, and groceries.

Many times the floods knock out power for weeks, and all the refrigerated and frozen food is used or lost, so anyone in those areas needs a non-refrigerated back-up food supply. Canned goods do fine, as it's usually only a couple weeks.

Right now, we just had a break from a couple weeks of rain to the north, and it's starting up again tonight. Oregon/Washington and inland are under the gun again. Got to go make last-minute preparations. Could be months before some areas of our property can be accessed again, without hours of snow plowing.
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