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Message Subject Northwest, N. Calif., Braces For More Rain and Snow!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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Julie Generic
i finally got a reply to my question on the ARkStorm page...
"ARkStorm Julie: ARkStorm and atmospheric river are not the same thing. One is a disaster scenario, the other the name of the meteorological phenomenon -like the one that hit PNW and now hitting to CA. ARs happen frequently - ARkStorm-like storm - not so. Anyway, glad you are engaged.
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point: NOW HITTING CA. so i had a bit of a heads up on that and was going to research it when i saw someone post about the massive snow hitting the sierras...i thought oh dear, this is the blue print for ARkStorm....

Julie Generic hopefully i'll get more info:
Julie Generic thanks so much for explaining that...but it is the atmospheric rivers that create the ARkStorm scenario, am i correct? please keep us educated!!!! i've been following the arkstorm scenario for a couple years and find it very interesting, especially considering we don't get many of them. any links or info to help understand would be appreciated!
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Julie Generic woohoo, someone's online at ARkStorm site!
ARkStorm Yes, the ARkStorm scenario stitches together two large ARs (the actual data from 1969 and 1986) to form a storm similar to, but smaller than, The Great California Flood of 1861/62. Note, presently we quantify ARs by their date, because there was not a way of quantifying ARs. Dettinger and Ralph, ARkStorm alums, came up with an AR scale that will be known as "R-Cats" (more about that soon). We (Cox) called the scenario an AR 1000 (ARk) to prod the meteorological community to create a quantifiable scale for ARs. A pineapple express is one type of AR. (It is also a stoner movie.) ARs are not uncommon along the west coast of the US throughout the storm season. They bring in about 50% of the water in California - but they also bring in most of the calamity. Glad you like ARkStorm - I like your name.
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Julie Generic OH wow, thanks, i was wondering why people were referring to pineapple express when it seemed to have a different explanation than the ARkStorm. that was confusing!!! not the stoner part, haha! the pineapple express storm bit. i'm in portland oregon and it's SO windy right now! i saw the report about the major snow hitting the sierras and was curious to look it up on the sat maps...trying to learn how to spot the 'streams.' i'd like to be better able to understand the difference, and relaTIONSHip, between the jet stream and atmospheric rivers. the flooding in england a couple years back was attributed as an ARkStorm, any thoughts on that? ...trying to find the article but it's evading me. i did get a return saying that atmospheric rivers are related to a broken jet stream? i know our jet stream has been having some major inconsistencies....thanks for your patience i just had my coffee...:P
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Julie Generic ARkStorm Julie: The ARkStorm FB page is not a forecast page, but more about the creation and milestones in the life of the ARkStorm scenario, project and alumni. The ARkStorm FB page will be an inconsistent source of weather information (go to weather.gov for the real deal). However, being in Portland, it is pleasing that you are interested in all things ARkStorm. ARs are becoming more well known, but are a fairly new concept (15 yrs?) Here is some good background: [link to www.esrl.noaa.gov]
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