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Message Subject Northwest, N. Calif., Braces For More Rain and Snow!!!
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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thank you to the AC for the info on ARkstorm vs. AR's vs. Pineapple Express. so is it accurate to say we are now seeing one AR moving through the region whereas the ARkstorm forcasts two moving through? how does this one compare to the AR's used in the ARkstorm model from '69 and '86? thanks :)
 Quoting: tarfonwxx

i believe they combined those storms to create their model.

i didn't get as much info out of them as i wanted, and the link they gave me was pretty weak, but i have a whole plethora of links from last week to share. they have a party line of course...don't want to freak people out...

i believe that the difference between the AR and the ARkStorm is that the ARkStorm has a higher mag impaCT...see their explanation of qualifications...

tutorial: [link to www.meted.ucar.edu (secure)]

[link to science.kqed.org]
Watching the Atmospheric Rivers Flow
Andrew Alden Post on Nov 01, 2012 by Andrew Alden from QUEST Northern California

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