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The Prophetic Judgment of Boston

Brian Charles
User ID: 21916177
United States
11/25/2012 06:35 PM
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The Prophetic Judgment of Boston
The Prophetic Judgment of Boston
Given through Brian Charles

“I’M going to destroy this place with a mighty burst!” “This city’ll be destroyed in an instant! I hate it.” “It’ll all be blasted apart in a minute.” “It’ll all be submerged underwater. Their sin has risen to Me. I can’t stand it. It must be destroyed.” “It has refused Me. It must be destroyed. Thus says the Lord.”
“This town’ll be destroyed in an instant! They have refused My love.” “They must be destroyed.” —the people of Boston-Cambridge
“It’ll all come down in an instant!” “The bombs are in town.” “Not a block will be left on top of another, that won’t be blasted away!” “All this will be blasted away by nuclear fire!” “This will all be torn down by My hand.” “And I AM A Consuming Fire!” “My wrath against this place is great!” “Someday these will be gone, replaced by water.” “Someday it’ll be submerged under the sea.” “All this will be submerged under the ocean!” —the buildings of Boston
“See this? It will all be gone.” —pedestrians in Cambridge
“It will all be submerged underwater.” “It’s all gotta go— they won’t serve Me.” “I’M gonna destroy this place!” —Massachusetts
“All this will be submerged underwater.” —coastal Massachusetts
“It’s all going under, says the Lord.” “You know all this will be underwater?” “Flooded with water.” “All submerged under the sea.” —New England
“This’ll all be destroyed by My hand.” “You shall see it.” “It’s coming fast!” —Connecticut
“All submerged under the sea.” —Massachusetts and New England
“All this will be submerged underwater with the great shakings.” —Newburyport, Salisbury, Mass.
“Where My settlers walked. It’ll all be destroyed by My hand. They’ve refused to obey Me.” —Newburyport, Massachusetts
“It’ll all get washed into the sea.” —Washington D.C., Baltimore, New York, Philadelphia, Boston
“It will all be plunged underwater!” “All this will be submerged underwater.” “It’s gonna be gone.” —the New England states
“It’ll all be a thing of the past.” —Massachusetts lottery, liquor sales
“They have loved money more than Me. They have refused Me far enough. They have refused My love for far too long. They must be destroyed.” —the residents of Boston
“It will all go total anarchy when the economy collapses.” “It will all go down by My hand.” “It lasted long enough.” —the economy
“They’ll be taking civilians left and right.” —New World Order soldiers
“This will all be blasted apart by My hand.” —Boston, Worcester, all of Massachusetts
“You must leave this state of wickedness. It will be destroyed in short order. They refuse to obey Me.” —New Hampshire
“They must be destroyed for rejecting the prophetic word.” “They won’t listen. I must judge them.” “They won’t seek Me.” “This must be destroyed.” “Destroyed by a sudden blast!” “Why don’t they accept My Word?” “I’ll judge for that.” “Don’t toy with the Living God!”
“I’ll judge for that.” —when self-interest overrides moral restraint
“The things of the world will be history, obliterated by My hand. You’ll see.”
“I wanna save My people, but they won’t let Me.” “They won’t repent.” “—Call out to Me in prayer.” “No. They want it their way. They’ll be doomed. I can’t help them.” “Destroy My world.” —the Church in America
“Most people are not gonna make it.” “They’ll end up in Hell. You must warn them.” “They won’t obey Me.” “They won’t serve Me.” “They’ll be destroyed. Not many will survive. Like Nazi concentration camps. Few will make it.” —My people in America
“No longer will people worship the works of their hands. The Lord King will rule over all, even the disobedient with wrath. You shall see the judgment of the Lord.”
“It’ll all be shut down by My hand.” —manufacturing
“You see wickedness all around you. I must judge it. Few will survive My wrath!” “Earthquakes, tornadoes, pestilence. Few will survive my wrath untouched.” “Go My son. My wrath is coming against all.” “All this country shall be consumed by the fires of My wrath!”
“Don’t worry about that. (those who critique prophecies) Scoffers shall abound in the Last Days. They’ll receive the judgment of God, that others may fear.”
“I’ll judge ‘em for that!” —for sinners casting the Word of God behind them
“I’ll judge ‘em for that!” —church receptionists throwing away prophetic words mailed to their churches
“I’ll judge for that.” —Christians who are too busy doing their own thing and who don’t want to hear God’s voice
“I’ll judge for that.” —people not listening to God’s voice
“I’ll judge for that.” —the world making it too hard to get a job and property
“I must destroy My empire. They won’t obey Me. They love money more than Me.” “You tried to warn the people, but they won’t listen. They’ll be judged for that. Their bodies will lay out in the street for refusing the prophetic word.” “People love money more than Me. I must destroy them for that.” “By nuclear fire. Thus says the Lord.”
“I will bless you. You must obey. You must go. Warn My people of their destruction.”
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28471443
United States
11/25/2012 06:39 PM
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Re: The Prophetic Judgment of Boston
Intresting wall of text.