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The Prophetic Judgment of Philadelphia

Brian Charles
User ID: 21916177
United States
11/25/2012 06:35 PM
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The Prophetic Judgment of Philadelphia
The Prophetic Judgment of Philadelphia
given through Brian Charles

“The time is short for millions.” “It shall be razed down in a second.” —Philadelphia
“It’ll be gone, replaced by martial law.” —the U.S. Constitution
“It’ll happen soon.” —New World Order takeover
“See those fine houses? I shall blast them apart!” “I shall tear ‘em down.” “I shall tear down every last one of ‘em.” —the buildings of Philadelphia
“The partying will stop— replaced by rioting.” “I shall tear this land apart!” —Pennsylvania
“Look at it—it’ll be gone! Leave the city of My wrath!” —Philadelphia
“This will soon be a thing of the past.” —the university system, because of economic collapse
“They’ll be blasted into eternity.” “Each must repent for their sins.” —Philadelphia
“It’ll all be blasted apart by nuclear fire. I can’t stand their sin. They must repent! The time is short for many.” —Philadelphia residents
“My people won’t serve Me. They serve the world. They’ll be destroyed for that. They’ve forsaken Me.” “You’ll see. Few serve Me. Few will be saved.”
“I will save you. You did My will.” “Flee the country. All will be destroyed.”
“They won’t serve Me. They serve themselves. I have forsaken it, My Church.”
“They must repent, but they won’t, hard hearts. I have hardened ‘em. They must be destroyed. I said it.” “You warn the people and still they won’t listen. I must destroy them. They have rejected My word, sent by you. You’ll see.” “Repent!” “They must be destroyed. They won’t listed or repent.”
“They won’t serve Me. They serve themselves. What can I do with it? I must destroy it.” “It’s useless. It must be destroyed. It can’t do anything. It won’t serve Me. I must destroy it. They’ll all be gone.” —the Church
“The New World Order will take care of business, round ‘em up, send ‘em to concentration camps, and destroy ‘em. It’s My plan.” “You must see— I hardened their hearts for this purpose. You must send My word, warn ‘em. They will be destroyed, My Church.” I must destroy My Church.” —the Church
“They must go.” “Send My Word. They won’t listen.” “You’ll see— that End Time plan must be done by My hand” —the Church
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 28305484
United States
11/25/2012 06:48 PM
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Re: The Prophetic Judgment of Philadelphia
promises promises, but hey, isnt Philadelphia, or the church of the book actually in south america?