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Message Subject Why the Nobody is Reluctant to be Revealed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
"Avadhuta (अवधूत avadhūta) is a Sanskrit term from some Indian religions or Dharmic Traditions referring to a type of mystic or saint who is beyond egoic-consciousness, duality and common worldly concerns and acts without consideration for standard social etiquette. Such personalities "roam free like a child upon the face of the Earth".[1] An avadhuta does not identify with their mind or body or 'names and forms' (Sanskrit: namarupa). Such a person is held to be pure 'consciousness' (Sanskrit: caitanya) in human form."
[link to en.wikipedia.org]

a nobody.
 Quoting: Horus 19949961

This is interesting, because if you're referring
to a Jesus type figure or a messiah man, then I assume that each time a derivative of time or the derivative index
that measures the frequencies emitted by the index within all of the 8B+ other index', returns to inertia or is a
that has reached it's limit, it's index' gains will be hedged to the other billions of gains at the time of death, or transformation of life, and hedged to the relative losses, or differentials.


If someone dies, and for a majority of their life emitted negative differential frequency intervals (poly gamma functions) then the index bank, that restores value in relativity of calling on a function from within his neuron index that inverse's loss' into gains, such as learning right from wrong, and returns
to relative losses, as inverse-gains into the form
of values, and ethics and morals that are relative
unto himself.

Perhaps a society, or one man is the nobody. These 144k people, or this one man, the .01 percent or the (.01x10^9)=X

X=the relative percent / 10% of your neuron functioning
accessible to the averagely weighted human non-versed
in sigma language, or the C++ that created the matrix, your matrix, the matrix of water, of the toilet, and the cat meowing.

f(x)=new values or inspiration for .01 or nobody, or all of us with a consciousness.

A(x)=person who transformed from death orbit
Tl=Time during averagely weighted life span of 'A'
N(x)=(Nobody or Index Bank Inverse(r)) This function (x)
is the parent function in relation to the child function (nl) 'nl' equals the sum of the negative frequency or losses incured by the transformed individual within the
stream of consciousness time derived from N(x).
(ng) 'ng' rquals the sum of the relative gains
in relation to the transformed individual, if there are ng incured in relation to the hedged nl during the Tl, then the net gains will be inversed as a 'law of inertia'
and transformed into a positive value within another
galaxy, much like a correction or balanced equation.

When a new baby is born, the baby is innocent, and remains
differential in a law of inertia, until values are instilled upon it. Telepathically, or materially. This is the beginning of a new index of values. The moment a baby hears it's first words = new poly gamma frequencies.

Expression from above:
Net loss
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