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Message Subject Why the Nobody is Reluctant to be Revealed
Poster Handle Pyractomena borealis
Post Content
This might sound arrogant,
and it probably does.

But it sounds like me. And I know a lot of
people have been saying this.

No I cannot reveal any statistics or evidence
other than a year ago after I had been
able to relax, but I've been able to
conclude that a lot of people don't like me. Or
they find me odd. I have Aspergers, and this might
be the reason. But I don't enjoy holding onto
a lot of friends here.

There are few people I enjoy talking to. And I only
enjoy talking to people who can teach me things.

I've been able to develop this system of mathematical
inquiry, where I can rationalize the sum in relation to an average weight measured by the means or the components.

And it all relates to the Greek Alphabet. The phonetic
alphabet. And these phonetic equations. It's man's sum relative to the relativity in relation to the end of the galaxy. Man can only measure his golden ratio. His understanding of the measurements relative to his
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 28117669

There is no such thing as Aspergers. It, along with other "made up" pathologies like bipolar disorder are just gimmicks to keep the brilliant in the dark. In addition, there is BIG money to be made in labeling people in this this manner.

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