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Message Subject Why the Nobody is Reluctant to be Revealed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I wish to refer to a book: 'A Gift of Prophecy, the Phenomenal

Jeane Dixon by Ruth Montgomery' and a vision she had: it is the

following in part.

" ... Jeane (Jeane Dixon) could glimpse a pyramid. While she

watched entranced, the couple advanced toward her and thrust

forth the baby as if offering it to the entire world. Within

the ball of the sun, Jeane saw Joseph guiding the tableau like

a puppeteer pulling strings. Now rays of light burst forth from

the baby, blending with those of the sun and ... " pages 170

and 171

"As a reporter (Ruth Montgomery), I felt there were questions

that must be asked." "Jeane could answer only in part." and

"Joseph seemed to be controlling the couple and inducing them

to present the child to the world, but she did not know why."

page 172

the above is a key to why the Nobody does not wish to come forward

and reveal himself. (Joseph was erroneously referred to in the

bible writings of 2000 years ago and was guessed at by the author

Ruth Montgomery.)

'the Joseph' in the vision comes from the Parish of Saint Joseph

where the Nobody grew up as a boy. It is the same Parish of Saint

Joseph where as a teenager the Nobody was cursed by a catholic

priest. It is the Catholic/Christain element in the life of the

Nobody that is associated with the Illumaniti and its influences

upon TPTB. The catholic church uses its influence upon TPTB and

it uses that same influence to induce the Nobody to come forward.

But the Nobody does not wish to do so, and he doesn't need to.

Lately events have been developing in his favor. And from the

Nobody's past experiences he does not wish to subject himself

to further ridicule, scorn, mockery and insults, not to mention

the physical violence done to the Nobody on a daily basis when

he ventures out into the public.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 20015462

what and why is there physical violence done to the nobody?

how can a non physical body have physical violence inflicted upon oneself? I want to understand, baby
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 1898146

the Nobody is a real person with the label placed upon him. the Nobody is also a Targeted Individual (TI) and there are people who are against the Nobody and they do physical harm to him. they spray chemical toxins at him

so the Nobody has no reason to reveal himself, that would only increase him being a Target. the Nobody is Reluctant to Reveal himself. (thus, the title of this post)
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