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Message Subject Why the Nobody is Reluctant to be Revealed
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
wouldn't being revealed kinda put an end to the nobody thing? what if the power was in remaining a nobody? all kinds of people are doing big things and making big names for themselves. but what is all that accomplishing? it does not seem like any major world figure is saying the things that lead to peace, love and human kindness. so what is so great about being known? the world has already rejected the message and continues to do so.

remaining a nobody to everyone while yet seeking the Eternal Spirit to recognize and desire His righteousness and justice is enough. obviously it is having it's affect as judgments continue as result of the increasing evil. what can be said that has not been said? people just do not want to hear the reason for these times or what needs to be done to confess our guilt and seek forgiveness at this time.

so we are left with a bunch of big name somebodies who keep making things worse and even though they have names and faces they are more fake and a lie than a nobody who believes the Truth.
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