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the philosophy of reality - madhva

User ID: 19949961
11/25/2012 10:42 PM
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the philosophy of reality - madhva
"In the philosophical system of Acharya, tatvas or categories of reality are primarily two,

svatantra-tatva (Independent reality)
asvatantra-tatva (Dependent reality)
God who creates the universe is the Independent reality; the entire universe created by him is the dependent reality.

Lord Narayana alone is the Supreme Independent God-head. The entire Veda hymns only His praise by various epithets such as Agni, Indra and Varuna. Monotheism alone is thus the quintessence of Vedic literature and not polytheism.

All names (of God) are only epithets; God is the Ocean of all qualities or excellence. Hence any name is good enough to invoke God.

All names designate only God. Not only Vedic words, not only Sanskrit names, whatever the word may be, in any language wherever in the world, every name will designate Him alike. For, there is no sound or word, in any language of the world, which is not essentially a name of God.

God is one, divinities are many. These divinities are not God. They are only souls that have realized God and risen to a high state by acquiring siddhi or divine power. These siddhas or realized adepts can serve as gurus to guide the soul who is still a sadhaka or religious seeker.

If God is 'bimba' or the original substrate, souls are His pratibimbas or images. The image is always dependent on the original substrate; it can never become identical with it.

One original substrate can have many images. Even so the souls can be many. Each soul has its own distinct individuality, different from another. So many souls, as many varieties. Along with all these differential gradations, these souls are all entwined in the single thread of similarity to God in their knowledge-aspect.

Just as souls, the inanimate substances too that go into the creative apparatus of the universe are innumerable. Thus the soul, who is at the center in the triple categories of God-soul-inanimate world, becomes involved in the meshes of samsara or bondage when he leans towards one side; becomes liberated if he leans to the other side.

There is one important point to be noted here. Mukti or liberation does not mean any cessation of the World itself. It is not any disappearance of a World falsely held as real. Liberation means release from the bondage of the world.

The world does exist even after release; but there is no bondage. Earlier, the soul being unaware of its power of self-consciousness, was ignorant of the original substrate, (viz. God); and had become a tool in the hands of the inconscient, searching in vain for the original. But now (in release) he has conquered inconscient Nature; for he has now become conscious of God, who is his original and also the First Cause of the entire universe."
[link to en.m.wikipedia.org]
reality sucks,
cos we are being leeched.
with our head fucks
lies or truth preached.
Horus (OP)
User ID: 19949961
11/28/2012 05:42 PM
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Re: the philosophy of reality - madhva
"fellow pratibimbas"

the great projector,
director, creator;
within, without:
we exist.
Anonymous Coward
User ID: 25669161
United States
11/28/2012 06:22 PM
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Re: the philosophy of reality - madhva
Thank you for that key. I will give you mine.

we are conscience of omniscience conscious of time.

We look and we do seek for fear of being bored of the mind.
We look and we do seek for fear of being board by the mind.

It seems like the singularity is coming.

I wonder what it will seem like to those who are afraid?

//thank god for being a relay system.