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Message Subject Home Video Shows Police Killing Dog After Being Captured
Poster Handle Hawk-02
Post Content

You still gettin it Christian??? It's gonna take up all your memory"...

I found it hard to watch beyond that, but I did.

Look... It's not YOUR dog, nor anyone you know, But we all have dogs.

What happens at 6:00 is UN-ACCEPTABLE!!!!

I personally have been on calls similar to this. What they did is INEXCUSABLE!

I am a trainer in Law Enforcement and your bet your ass I am saving this one as an example of what NOT to do!

The dog has been captured on the pole.... There is NO THREAT to anyone.

FUCK THESE ASS PIGS! (And, I would tell them to their face!)

They give us all a bad name.
 Quoting: Travis Bickle

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