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Message Subject Home Video Shows Police Killing Dog After Being Captured
Poster Handle NightWisp
Post Content
I could not look at the video too far along, but I did not see anyone knock on the door to ask about the dog sitting in their garage. The guys are mental giants.

However, I posted in on facebook for the world to see thier stupidity.

All of you who have face book accounts, please cosider doing this. it will not stop until we make it stop. Public humiliation of Bobby the dog killer will do it.

First gun abuse. then Tasers. Now kill the dog.. these guys are gutless.They should be relegated to batons like bobbies. They cannot handle a weapon responsibly.

I am relly beginning to wonder if they sceape the bottom of the shallow end of the gene pool to find these idiots.

Would they tazer a lost child.. or just shoot it?
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