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Message Subject Home Video Shows Police Killing Dog After Being Captured
Poster Handle January Wolves
Post Content
officer could have yelled back up everyone... let the animal handler do her job... karma will punish this tard of an officer...
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 25735923

Sickening. Wondering why the aco asked for pd backup for just one dog. Many times the pd or sheriff dispatcher will monitor animal control frequency or even be their dispatcher also if animal control doesn't have their own. But it's different frequencies & there is no way those cops overhead the call & just decided to go. They were dispatched probably because that aco asked for backup. But why?

The cop kept shooting even after she had it restrained with the pole. But she seemed to only be holding it with one hand when the dog took off. Couldn't tell if she lost her grip with two hands and one hand slid off or if she was trying to stand back (away from the cop aiming his gun) and one hand slipped off.

The aco probably would have been able to restrain the dog just fine if those cops hadn't been there at all.

The catch poles are very effective at containing most dogs but you have to have a very firm grip. She lost her grip for some reason.

And hate neighbors like Kenny Collins. He calls in a stray dog in the neighborhood even though the dog appeared to just be staying on one property. The dog was staying there because the people were watching it for a relative. The dog belonged there.

Poor dog - unlucky chain of events for her. 1) Kenny Collins calls animal control even though dog is not roaming or threatening anyone and not even knowing if it was a new dog for his neighbors 2) ACO asks for police backup and even seems intimidated by them which interferes with her performance 3) Responding cops are assholes.

Very, very sad.
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