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Message Subject Home Video Shows Police Killing Dog After Being Captured
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content

You still gettin it Christian??? It's gonna take up all your memory"...

I found it hard to watch beyond that, but I did.

Look... It's not YOUR dog, nor anyone you know, But we all have dogs.

What happens at 4:42 is UN-ACCEPTABLE!!!!

I personally have been on calls similar to this. What they did is INEXCUSABLE!

I am a trainer in Law Enforcement and your bet your ass I am saving this one as an example of what NOT to do!

The dog has been captured on the pole.... There is NO THREAT to anyone.

FUCK THESE ASS PIGS! (And, I would tell them to their face!)

They give us all a bad name.
 Quoting: Travis Bickle

Dude you are either an idiot, or you didn't watch the video carefully. If you ever were REALLY a detective, you would know you can never judge the situation by the video alone. A situation can be seem way different recorded on a distant video camera than it was in the first person. Anyway, what's so wrong about the way the cop did? Watch the video: Dog is aggressive, Dog gets Tasered, Taser is not effective enough to get the dog into the noose, Dog charges the animal handler, Cop draws gun and shoots the dog, THE FIRST SHOT GOES OFF BEFORE THE DOG IS SECURED IN THE NOOSE, cop continues to shoot the still aggressive dog(also because you might as well put the dog out of its misery quickly as its already been shot and will most likely die anyway)
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