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Message Subject Home Video Shows Police Killing Dog After Being Captured
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My husband is ACO.

This was sad and regrettable.

Once the dog was on the noose stick it was under control and didn't need to be shot.


In the end it was the dog owners fault for letting the animal run free (not on a leash or properly kept in a confined area).

Sitting by a dog bed with an open garage door is not a confined and fenced area.

The police should get suspended with no pay and written up and the dog owner should get all the various fines for not caring properly for the dog.

My gawd, when will dog owners take their heads out of their asses.

In our small town most of the dog owners that DO let their dogs run free also usually do not have their rabies tags up to date and the dog is usually not registered with the city, so when they get caught with their dog running free the fines total up too $400-$600 by the time all the other things they have neglected to do to properly care and register the animal get ticketed.
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