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Message Subject NV lawmakers seek to repeal anti-communist law
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
My last rant here

Scrap Communism off the fear list. Here’s some real fear.
Global Corporate Statism – This is happening now. First the financial systems are networked/unified under one umbrella (The International Monetary Fund being one part for now), and then Social global ‘integration’ follows (the UK’s obsession with cultural integration as an example). While this is being forced on the under-classes, slowly all Public Functions are outsourced and then owned by Private Investment in the name of efficiency.

In the future there will be talk of Corporate Cities run by Corporate Laws and enforced by Private Police or Militias. Some might see this as the rebirth of the feudal system just packaged in MSM propaganda while others will see it as a brave new world order. What is certain is that the poor will suffer and their ranks will grow while those at the top will intensify their agenda of devaluing expendable life hidden behind false leftist concern for the less fortunate and the ‘Liberals’ illusion of freedom and equality for all. This is on the cards.
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