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Message Subject NV lawmakers seek to repeal anti-communist law
Poster Handle Dr.DoomLittle
Post Content
its an abomination how 'educated', 'intellectual' people (and im using those terms loosely) have reasoned that theres nothing wrong with it.

when you state defacto, "hello mcfly, do you realize that true communism the ppl dont own anything? you serve the govt" and they respond - 'well that wont happen here'......or 'you know im tired of busting my ass & let them support me', "the govts been supporting ppl for years, this is nothing new. some of them have everything taken cared of for them, like housing, food, utilities, cell phones, discounted cable, clothing vouchers, medical, some states give cars to their welfare recipients - and they pay no taxes - some of them are living better than us"

holy fuck - brainwashed isnt the word.
 Quoting: Phennommennonn

Fact is, democracy and capitalism are failed experiments.

Why? Political infiltration and bribery, and the corruption of the law making pocess to favor the wealthy over the poor; laws that enforce monopolies and suppress innovation and compettition, because of the monetary influence of larger corporations and banking interests. Fact is, absolute power must SUPPRESS innovation and evolution, because such interests must keep the existing paradigm intact to remain "the strongest". They must freeze time, freeze human cognition to stay in absolute power; and this is maladaptive.

Look at our government today; it is under corporate dictatorship; we are in no way shape or form a "democracy", BECAUSE THE PEOPLE ARE NOT REPRESENTED IN THE LAW MAKING PROCESS. Fact is, the undo influence of freshly created money for bribery and the banking infuences over the congress means the government is encouraged to use debt to operate; to borrow from the "federal" reserve.

So the people have no voice when they have no threat; and cannot give money like the corproations can; who have no moral obligation to "the american people".

We are better served by communism that usurps this control; meaning cutting off the head; a maoist revolution that confiscates the top .05% of wealth and distributes it down.

Because this wealth is hostile to the people; there is already the agenda 21 plot; so in fact it would be self defense.
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