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Message Subject Thousands of Natural Gas Leaks Found in Boston!!!
Poster Handle MarkinAZ
Post Content
The cast iron piping that was used for gas main feeds and for lines from the feed to the house meters was installed as far back as 150 years. That was "state of the art" then. Sadly, cast iron will rust thru in time, and the joints (most are screwed together with exterior couplings and both ends of the pipe having male threads joining in the female coupling) tend to work themselves loose over years of expansion and contraction with every freeze/thaw cycle. Many older cities put these pipes above the water and sewer lines but supposedly below the frost line. However, getting the frost line location "right" was largely a guess back then. So much of this piping is not buried deeply enough to avoid the freeze/thaw cycle every year.

Today we have PEX Plastics with Aluminum embedded in them and they're joined by being welded together. The weld is stronger than the pipe itself and cannot leak once done properly.

Every major gas company in the nation should have been digging up and replacing these old cast iron pipe distribution systems for the last 50 years and yet almost none have! Why? Corporate profits? Wonder what the lawsuits are going to cost them? How will those 30 and 50 million dollar settlements (several of them) look on their precious balance sheets?
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