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Message Subject How the U.S planned to destroy the moon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Poster Handle NightWisp
Post Content
Ya know. I was out late one night sky-gazing at P Holmnes. I had been observing it many nights, But this night was very special.

I was watching it, and all of a sudden it looked like a cosmic blow -out of a tire. Blue- green gas came wafting out like there had been a explosion or tear in something. The green gas moved from the north to eastward into the Constellation Perseus.

The next thing I saw was completely amazing. Large orbs came barreling out like mad hornets swarming. The were all over it.

I think there was a space craft behind Holmnes that got hit and ruptured. Somebody from earth lobbed some sort of missle up there. now who would do something like that?

We are lucky that they did not come for retaliation. According to ST, Cooler heads prevailed, because they were coming.
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