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Message Subject How the U.S planned to destroy the moon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Poster Handle UndercoverAlien
Post Content
The United States planned to blow up the moon with a nuclear bomb to win Cold War bragging rights over the-then Soviet Union, scientists claim.

A report in London's Daily Mail this morning says that at the height of the 1950s space race, the US considered detonating an atom bomb on the moon as a display of America's Cold War muscle.

[link to au.news.yahoo.com]

 Quoting: AwakeInTassie

The "cold war" was the ultimate hoax post WWII. The Soviet Union and the USA governments made up that fearmonger propaganda to justify the mass production of nuke weapons to fight a possible alien invasion.

If the US planed to nuke the moon, it probably had to do with whoever or whatever is based up there, not with Russians.
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