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Message Subject How the U.S planned to destroy the moon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Poster Handle schiehallion
Post Content
The aim was not to destroy the moon, just to put on a show to impress/scare; being visible from many points on Earth, more so than Nevada, Bikini Atoll etc.
America was not alone in their attempts, the Russians had a similar agenda.

A few of us have known about this for a long time.

On August 22nd 1964, an extraterrestrial who goes by the name Aetherius spoke through a trance medium, here is part of it;

"Man is now allowed for the first time, when he is able, to land one or more of his kind upon the surface of Luna. He is also allowed, if he be fool enough, to bombard the surface of Luna in almost whatever way he so chooses. Before this he was not allowed to do so and at least two attempts to bombard Luna with atomic warheads were directly frustrated by us. Neither can you, America, blame Russia for both attempts. Please note that."

This information appeared in a booklet called 'Join Your Ship' which was published in 1964 by The Aetherius Society.
Library of Congress Catalogue Card No. 71-267495
scooped by a ufo
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