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Message Subject How the U.S planned to destroy the moon>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
Poster Handle Weasel_Turbine
Post Content
It's always bothered me that it didn't rotate, we won't mess up thing if we just give it some spin, right?
 Quoting: Flapping Chicken Little

It does rotate, just once for every orbit around the Earth. It does the same thing as many other moons in the solar system. And no bomb that we have is big enough to affect its spin. The article is bad journalism. They didn't want to blow up the Moon. They couldn't then or now. They wanted to have a flash big enough to be seen by the Soviets proving we got there.

Amazing that so many people are up in arms about this thing that never happened when many hoax believers have proposed we should have done exactly the same thing and the fact we didn't proves we didn't go. Damned if we do, damned if we don't.
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