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Message Subject New sinkhole image shows ‘original edge’ of Napoleonville salt dome may be gone — Section thousands of feet tall
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
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So when will mass protests against Halliburton and Schlumberger start?

They have fracked your poor country to shreds for what?

Maybe a few inlanders will be lucky enough to be on the edge of the new seaway between the GoM and the Great Lakes. Their farms will be instant beach front property!

Oh... :( but their drinking water will contaminated by the shit those arseholes have been fracking (and super fracking) with methane shooting out their taps (fawcets).

Cayce/Scallion I bet, didnt see it happening like this...
 Quoting: BadHairDay

Halliburton exec takes a swig of fracking fluid

During a keynote lunch speech at the conference by the Colorado Oil and Gas Association, Halliburton Co. CEO Dave Lesar talked about addressing public concerns about hydraulic fracturing, which extracts natural gas by blasting a mix of water, chemicals and sand underground.

He raised a container of Halliburton's new fracking fluid made from materials sourced from the food industry, then called up a fellow executive to demonstrate how safe it was by drinking it, according to two attendees.

The executive mocked reluctance, then took a swig.

What he drank was apparently CleanStim, which when Halliburton announced it in November was undergoing field trials. A Halliburton spokeswoman didn't respond to a question asking how that executive is doing now, or who he is. Instead, she referred a reporter to a web page on CleanStim. The Houston company, which has operations in about 80 countries, has said the product shouldn't be considered edible.

"I thought if this stuff was so benign, why wouldn't the CEO drink it himself? That frankly was my first thought," said Environmental Defense Fund's Mark Brownstein, who saw the demonstration. "My second thought, more seriously, is on the one hand, I'm pleased to see Halliburton is taking steps to remove toxic chemicals from hydraulic fracturing fluid.

I wonder why if they have this technology why it wouldn't become standard practice.

"I also do in some ways think the stunt is very much indicative of the problem the industry has in assuring the public that they are in fact taking public concerns seriously," Brownstein said. "Because quite honestly, a homeowner in Pennsylvania doesn't have the option of having an underling drink his water. He has to do it himself."

[link to www.msnbc.msn.com]
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