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Subject Criminal rights have sent our country downhill since the late 1960s
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
Especially here in West Virginia.
A man in our town shot his son in the back and barely got five years!
We see him walking all around town!
A man killed my husband's cousin and three others.
He smiled in his picture on the paper as he got arrested.
He had just gotten out of jail after doing 6 months for trying to torture and kill a couple.
Think about that, just 6 months!
In the 1970s my own 13 year old cousin was shot and killed by his suppose to be best friend who was 16.
He only got 3 months in a children's home for it!
Now for years people from Detroit,Cleveland and New York have been coming to Charleston and Huntington.
There are shootings all the time because they know this state won't do anything!
Criminal rights, what about victims rights?!
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