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Message Subject Increase In Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Children
Poster Handle F F S
Post Content
if your kid become sick, then its you to blame.
good luck.
 Quoting: aquamah

Yes, but it's your child who gets polio or post-viral encephalitis (a complication of measles) - not you. That's kind of like saying that if you leave a loaded handgun out and your child shoots and kills himself, you are to blame.

I'm not saying I'm for the overabundance of vaccines that are out these days, but if everyone stopped vaccinating their kids we would take a step backwards with regards to health care.
 Quoting: Anonymous Coward 7570540

Why, are you stopping your kids from cleaning and washing themselves regularly, stopped using clean water (from a tap or bottle) to cook and clean with, making them brush their teeth and drink water straight off the ground from a puddle.

Those are the things that increase a backwards step on health, not pumping your kids full of poison.

Funny how when you look back over vaccine staticstics and take the same surveys that big pharma use and just go back to the turn of the last century, you see all those 'diseases' in decline way before vaccine were introduced, but hey ho if you cant be arsed to go and find these things out, you keep believing all they tell you
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