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Message Subject Increase In Parents Who Refuse To Vaccinate Children
Poster Handle Anonymous Coward
Post Content
I know this is radical but hear me out:

We are obsessed with trying to perserve every life.. when in reality kids who are weak SHOULD be dying. Not every human should be saved. Just look at how large the population has gotten with this attitude of every life is precious. Before vaccines people died, kids died, that's just the way nature works.. to stop a population explosion and allowing 1 species to destroy the entire biosphere.

Not only do we violate that first natural principle, but exposing children to dozens of poxy vaccines is undermining their actual health. What's better: Loads of children with weakened overall health and mental capacity just to save a few thousand lives.. or a few thousand die and the rest get to live proper healthy lives?

Fuck vaccines. Let nature do its job. The only people who think every life is precious are the tax industry!!
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