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Message Subject it's becoming widespread...depression and the breaking down of there day to day lives....why?
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
We do the blame game that's directed at tptb....no jobs..bills pilling up...it goes on and on.

Do these contribute to depression? there only small pieces in the puzzle.

The main underlining factor goes deeper...it resides in the energy cycle we go through in reality.

You hear of people having money but there basically sad..there not fullfilled.

Were not looking in the right direction because were so used to the outer world our mind percieves.

Energy needs to be regulated and renewed with out hindrance.
our energy bodies are trapping course and stifled energy from our enviroment.

We are energy beings...we don't live of just food.
we live of energy...we are energy.

Depression starts to surface through these factors in each individal..there energy input has become stifled.

Just by talking to someone that's depressed will tell you so.
They mention the fact that there run down...everything has become a burden and they don't have any passion in what they do.

The outer experience of jobs and money is not the major problem
The problem stems in there energy field.

The reason the world is experiencing more and more numbers of depreesion and suffering is contributed by the course energy fields in our bio-field.

The earth is bombarded by artificial signals..,,in turn we are getting sicker...more and more depressed...more suffering.

It's as obvious as the noses on our faces that this is the contributing problem.

more to come....
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