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Message Subject it's becoming widespread...depression and the breaking down of there day to day lives....why?
Poster Handle mysterynomore
Post Content
The main problem that people are having with there up's and downs is the difference with there high's and low's.

If you have a wave like graph that stretches in a percentage of say...80% high...there lows will be at the other end of the graph.
There isn't any in-betweens. These large swings in mood reflects in depression.

These swings occur from a very cluttered mind set.
The thought structure is aligned with a certain degree... of the same thoughts that bombard the mindset.

These thoughts become concrete set in that structure.
It's very difficult for the person to get out of this scenario.

Clarity of mind becomes very low...then self esteem sets in, and there is your depression.
There are different degrees of this type of mindset though.

To minimize these thoughts.....the best example is that the swings will degrease by about 10% on either side of the ledger, as time goes on.
Exampe...if a person had 70% on either side of mood swings with no in-betweens.
If it degreases by 10% over a certain period...
What people don't understand is, that a trigger point will restore the swings to it's original percentage for a short period of time...be it one day or two.

At this point people start to think there gone back to there original state.

This is the biggest mistake because the mind dictates the same pattern...then some stay at that point longer.

If they realise that there will be lapses occuring along the path...they will see that as small set back.
But the mind is addictive to thought structures that have been set in motion over a long period of time.

If the minset starts to grasp that the percetages of mood swings will gradually reside slowly over a period of time...then those structured thoughts will reside...better clarity starts to take shape.
With better calarity...you make better decisions....better intuition follows suit...and second guessing becomes less and less.
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